Tungsten Concentrate and Tungsten power

Tungsten Concentrate Picture


High density, spheroidal Tungsten powder


Gray metallic powder

Physical Properties:

Particle Size: Minimum 85% > 70 Microns

Particle Size Distribution: Minimum 90% between 100 and 200 Mesh

Bulk Density: Minimum 18.50 g/cc (Helium Pycnometer)

Tap Density: Minimum 11.90 g/cc (ASTM B527)


Tungsten powder is widely used in the production of weight fillers, radiation shielding fillers and induction accelerators, etc.. The thin film surface of its polymer mixture is ideally suitable for radiation protection.

The large particle size makes it an ideal heavy metal filler for injection-molding applications. The unique shape and the resulted high flow ability of the particles make it suitable for applications in metal spray industry.

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