Tungsten Concentrate and Tungsten Bar

Tungsten Concentrate Picture


Grade: W-1

Purity: W>99.95%

Appearance:Shine with grey or dark grey metallic luster.

Tungsten Bar Application: Tungsten bar is mainly used to found ingredient of material, cutter and heads, tungsten wire for lights instruments and conductor of heat, crankshaft and cylinder barrel of advanced automobile, ingredient of kinds of heat-resistant steel. Tungsten bar is also used to make guns, artillery rockets, satellite airplane and ship.

We supply large quantity of high quality tungsten bars. Our tungsten bar is fine-grained and has a luster rather like that of silver in uniform color. It measures 12 x 12 x 300mm or 14 x 14 x 460mm.

Purified tungsten bar is used as a material for making special steels and tungsten wire, or used in electric contact points. Tungsten bar with impurities is used to procedure bulb filaments or electron tube filaments, which are guaranteed to have remarkable resistance to high temperature.

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