Tungsten Concentrate Property

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The tungsten is a lithophile elements present in the pegmatite and hydrothermal deposits, mainly in the form of tungstate; known about 15 kinds of tungsten ore, which is wolframite and scheelite mine two kinds.

(1) Wolframite (Fe, Mn) WO4, also known as tungsten manganese iron ore, containing WO3 about 76%, showed a brownish black to black, which was semi-metallic luster, specific gravity of 7.1 to 7.9; in the monoclinic crystal system, crystal often has thick plate, the crystal planes often have vertical stripes. The wolframite often symbiosis together with quartz veins.

(2) Scheelite CaWO4, also known as tungsten calcium ore, containing WO3 about 80%, often off-white, sometimes slightly yellow, purple, light brown and other colors, was adamantine luster or oil sheen, the proportion of 5.9 to 6.1; tetragonal crystal form often has dual cone, a collection of mostly irregular granular or dense block. Scheelite often symbiosis with molybdenite, galena and sphalerite.

Known tungsten-containing ore quartz - wolframite ore, skarn - scheelite ore and placer deposits and other types.

Production Process

Beneficiation process of tungsten concentrate by tungsten ore (wolframite or scheelite) by crushing, milling, re-election (mainly shaker jig), flotation, electrostatic separation, magnetic separation process to produce the wolframite or scheelite concentrate to meet the national standard, the main ingredient of tungsten concentrates of tungsten trioxide content above 65%.

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